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Welcome to "Kabayim": The Israeli website for

Students of Nursing & Health Professions!

What does Kabayim mean?

Kabayim, means "crutches" in Hebrew, the idea being that this website offers support for students - until such a time when "they'll be able to stand on their own two feet..."

The site, developed and maintained privately by a nursing instructor, has been open since December 2004 and boasts over 3,000,000 entries during this period!

Kabayim is made up of different sections - all written in Hebrew only (at this time). The most meaningful section for the English speaker is the "Virtual Class" which is a directory of all the various subjects relevant to students of the health professions.

I have taken care in choosing websites that are targeted mainly towards health professionals - many of them maintained by universities and colleges around the world. While striving to choose only sites that seem impartial, informative and reliable, I cannot be held responsible for the different sites' contents. Always employ an open and critical mind when searching for, and reading sites on the Web!

I have provided a menu on this page that directs to the different sections in the Virtual Class. While the web pages are mainly written in Hebrew, I also supply the name of the sites in English, so that it should not be to much of a problem to understand where the link is to. You will also note that the sub-sections on each page are translated into English.

I hope you find this site useful. Please note that any information derived from this site is for academic purposes only and is not to be regarded as personal medical advice in any way.

Can you Recommend any other health related professional sites? Do you find my site useful?

Please let me know!

Dr. Hanna Zafrir, RN PhD

The Virtual Clinical Nursing Class Menu

General Indices Anatomy & Physiology Basic Sciences Lab & Radiology

Palliative Care Internal Medicine Gerontology Surgery

Pediatric Medicine




Emergency Medicine

Basic Nursing & Skills

Law & Ethics in Medicine

Quality Assurance

Pharmacology Nutrition Patient Education Physiotherapy
Multiculturalism Rehabilitation Occupational Therapy History of Medicine
Gender Issues  

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